I watched the All 22 from the Jets game and analyzed every pass protect snap by Wyatt Teller in the first half. I did not have time to watch the 2nd half.. (I do have a real job) .. however.. I think it a good sample size to show examples where he played well, was fooled on stunts.. and perhaps most importantly examples that showed he didn’t repeat the same mistake twice.


My system for grading is “Win” , “Loss” and “Draw” as described below:



  • block is material to the play
  • block/assignment is executed well



  • block is not material to the play
  • block is executed well enough



  • block is material to the play
  • block/assignment is executed poorly


DISCLAIMER:  I am not a coach, I do not know exactly the play call or blocking assignment called on each play. I am merely an interested observer who focuses on O Line play every week and the following analysis is based on my observations



By my count there were 26 pass plays in the first half (including penalty plays etc…).

  • “Won”  13/26 ,
  • Lost” 3/26,
  • Draw” 10/26



—– —



WIN : Q1: 14:29 – Teller is initially pushed back by #99 but rallies.. resets.. and gets his hands into the pads to push his man back at the last minute.. buying time for Allen to complete 18 yd strike. Teller demonstrates strenght, resolve and good technique in fighting through losing the initial punch.





WIN: Q1 2:01 –  Teller initially helps Dawkins with a double team .. but in doing that he is late in recognizing DE #96 coming in on delayed stunt. He miraculously avoids disaster however by getting there just in time and knocking #96 on his ass.. allowing for Allen to complete pass to Clay





LOSS Q2: 4:56 –  Teller goes to help Dawkins double #96 .. does not see Twist stunt from #50 leading to #50 flushing Allen from the pocket.. and eventually an INT







WIN: Q2 1:34 –  Jets run as similar stunt as shown earlier with #50 and #96… but this time Teller picks it up quickly.. engages #50 and manhandles him





WIN Q2 1:26 –  Teller picks up the same stunt again showing he can think on his feet and adapt




LOSS Q2 1:12  – Teller misreads the stunt this time and gets to #96 too late causing a pressure on Allen







By no means was Teller perfect in pass protect in 1st half.


However.. he did show some positive traits.. namely

  • His strength often helps make up for poor technique or poor recognition
  • He showed the ability to adapt and not get beat by the same stunt
  • There were no holding penalties in the first half

On the negative side

  • A False Start is almost always inexcusable.. gotta clean that up
  • He did misread a few stunts

At the end of the day the Jets threw quite a few stunts at Teller and Dawkins in the first half  ( mainly #50 and #96 working together) and the pair was 2/4 in picking them up. Hopefully Dawkins and Teller develop some chemistry here and learn to trust each other more in picking up stunts. I think the future is bright for Teller.. he seems to have the movement skills and strength to hang in the NFL and certainly has an attitude in finishing blocks. Hopefully with more experience will come less examples of him getting fooled by stunts.  From what I’ve seen I believe he can develop into a reliable starting NFL Guard.


( On a side note .. John Miller is completely shot… I was a fan of his and had high expectations for him this year but its time to pull the plug)

( Also.. Juan Castillo likely needs to be fired. It seems like most of the time he calls for the Guards  to double team it ends in busted protection. I have very little confidence in his O Line skills)